Unique White

November 8th, 2013


I bought this wine, a Drew Family Cellars Albarino (white varietal), “taste untasted” on the recommendation of a vintner from another winery.  You can only buy it at the Drew Family tasting room, and apparently they never have it open for tasting.  No need, explained this vintner, because people flock to buy it.  I was initially hesitant.  A bottle was twenty-five bucks–not quite in my  “What the hell?  I’ll give it a shot” range.

Well, boy, am I glad I gave it a shot!  I almost cried when we finished the bottle.  As someone who is immediately drawn to the “Unique whites” section on any wine menu, I found this wine more than fit the bill in my constant quest for great tasting, drinkable whites that are anything but Chardonnay.  What made it so good?  Well, it’s a lighter style wine but still has a depth and complexity to it, without the hint of bitterness I sometimes detect in lighter whites that strive to go beyond Chenin Blanc-ness.  More floral than a Sauvignon Blanc (my first anything-but-Chard love), more robust than a Pinot Grigio…. so hard to describe without a glass of it in my hand!

And, aye, there is the the rub!  How do I get more of it in my hot little (well, actually rather large) hands??  A trip to the Anderson Valley where the Drew tasting room is located isn’t totally out of the question, but it’s a bit of a stretch.  And you can’t just call and order it.  The winery calls this gem “our little secret” and literally only sells it on site at the tasting room and only at certain times of the year.  I may have to practice that hideously adult thing called “delayed gratification” and wait until next summer, when we will inevitably make a pilgrimage that direction.  Until then I will just have to console myself with a little Champagne and my continued search for the next amazing unique white.  Have a unique white of your own to share?  Let me know!

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