Shout-Out #1

July 6th, 2008

To the older gentleman at the picnic tables by the Civic Center lagoon on Wednesday: Gassho to you for giving my son and me a ticket to the county fair, which was in full, corndog-scented swing just yards away from us. Muddle-headed Mommy completely spaced on the fact that it was fair time when she decided that Babyzilla would enjoy a picnic lunch by the lagoon after a grueling morning at New School. (“Why can’t I go back to my old school, Mommy?” UGH.) This after making very pointed plans with Hubby to take Babyzilla to the fair not once, but twice over the long weekend, because one day of horse-meat hamburgers, stale candy corn, vertigo-inducing rides, random fried stuff, and a three-year-old so high on sugar that the phrase “chicken roaster” sends him into hysterics, just ain’t enough.  How could I have forgotten?

Luckily, I was able to find parking I didn’t have to pay for. Unluckily, Babyzilla thought this meant we were going to the fair NOW. No matter how much I gleefully tried to explain that today we were only going to look at the fair, and HOW COOL IS THAT??, he didn’t seem to be buying it. As we sat and ate our hummus and cheese and crackers and grapes, I wondered how I was going to drag 40-plus pounds of screaming pre-schooler away without drawing the attention of a few thousand fairgoers.

Then you came along, asked if we wouldn’t mind sharing a table since bees decided to have their own picnic at yours. We had only exchanged a few pleasantries when you handed me the ticket –one adult admission, and Babyzilla, being under the age of four, could get in free.

You made a little boy –a little boy who was having a rough week –very happy. This made his mom very happy. When I was a young thing in my twenties, any possible inappropriateness of me throwing my arms around you would’ve been forgiven as youthful exuberance, but now that I’m an old hag-mom with offspring in tow, the suitable thing seemed to be offering a sincere thank you, though it didn’t feel like quite enough. So I’m hoping the universe proffers a cosmic kiss on your head and gives you a little something that makes you very happy. Karmic points to you.

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